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Rodin, the light from Antiquity

Rodin, the light from Antiquity

EXHIBITION CATALOGUE Musée Auguste Rodin, 2013-2014

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"At home, I have fragments of gods for my daily enjoyment. Their contemplation gives me the pleasure of these solemn hours from which thereafter Antiquity always speaks to us (…)(…)"  Auguste Rodin, 1904

Reworking archetypes from Antiquity, even going as far as to incorporate a Greek vase, column or urn into an assemblage with his own figurines, Rodin’s art reflected the Greek ideal. Readers will enjoy discovering here the multiple echoes between Antiquity’s masterpieces and those of the sculptor.

This catalogue contains over 250 works, half of which are original pieces or replicas collected by the sculptor.

Gallimard Publishing
Edited by Pascale Picard
Prefaces: Jean-Noël Guérini, Claude Sintes et Catherine Chevillot
Authors: Antoinette Le Normand-Romain, Pascale Picard, Jean-Luc Martinez, Martine Denoyelle, Emmanuel Schwartz, François Blanchetière, Ludovic Laugier, Christina Buley-Uribe, Violaine Jeammet, Sophie Schvalberg, Bénédicte Garnier, Néguine Mathieux, hélène Pinet, Patrick Blanc et Patricia Jouquet.
Size: 28 x 22 cm
408 pages, 450 ill. colour
Language: French
Publication date: 2013
EAN: 9782070141050

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