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Mapplethorpe - Rodin

Rodin. 300 drawings
  • Rodin. 300 drawings
  • Mapplethorpe - Rodin
  • Mapplethorpe - Rodin
  • Mapplethorpe - Rodin
  • Mapplethorpe - Rodin
  • Mapplethorpe - Rodin
  • Mapplethorpe - Rodin

Mapplethorpe - Rodin

Exhibition catalogue, Musée Rodin 2014

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"I see things like they were sculptures. It depends on how that form exists within the space”.
Robert Mapplethorpe

In a single exhibition, the Musée Rodin brings together two forms of expression – Sculpture and Photography – through the works of two major artists: Robert Mapplethorpe and Auguste Rodin. Thanks to exceptional loans from the Robert Mapplethorpe Foundation, this exhibition presents 50 sculptures by Rodin and a collection of 102 photographs, in a bold dialogue revealing the enduring nature of these great artists’ favourite themes and subjects.

This book invites visitors to challenge the dialogue established by the curators, and to make their own comparisons. This “sculpture and photography” approach is unprecedented, the first time such a confrontation has been presented, and looks at both photography and sculpture from a new angle.

Joint-publication musée Rodin / Actes Sud
Author: introduction by Catherine Chevillot ; foreword by Michael Ward Stout ; texts by Hélène Pinet; Hélène Marraud ; Jonathan K. Nelson et Judith Benhamou-Huet
Size: 22 x 30 cm
256 pages, 200 ill. colour
Language: French
Publication date: 2014
EAN: 9782330031596

Copyright © 2014 Musée Rodin - Fondation Robert Mapplethorpe - Actes Sud

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