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Helene von Nostitz

Helene von Nostitz
  • Helene von Nostitz
  • Helene von Nostitz
  • Helene von Nostitz
  • Helene von Nostitz
  • Helene von Nostitz

Helene von Nostitz

Auguste Rodin Sculpture reproduction

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Auguste Rodin (1840-1917)

Helene von Hindenburg, who married Alfred von Nostitz-Wallwitz in 1904, was introduced to Rodin by Count Harry Kessler, a German diplomat and man of letters. She had just seen the exhibition in the Pavillon de l’Alma (1900) and was fascinated by the sculptor’s art.

The young woman first posed for Auguste Rodin when he stayed with her and her mother at their villa in Ardenza, in Tuscany. Forgetting the urbane character of the portraits he had done the previous decade, the artist focused on the sitter’s sweet, delicate expression, and produced a small bust that captured “my first impression of you” (Rodin to Helene von Nostitz, 1908). 

Granddaughter of the German ambassador to Paris, she was a woman of the world and, above all, Rodin’s kindred spirit, with whom he talked about art and music, as can be seen from their voluminous correspondence. 

The bust was cast in silver for Helene von Nostitz in 1907. Three other casts were made in glass paste, as well as a series of small plasters with slight variations: no less than thirteen busts with softened contours, covered with a veil of plaster slip or highlighted in pencil, were cast but never exhibited while Auguste Rodin was alive.

Edited by: musée Rodin
Dimensions of Hélène Von Nostitz: H. 23 ; W. 21 ; D. 12 cm (Inches: H. 9 in ; W. 8 in ; D. 4 in). Weight: about 3.5 kilos. 
Cast in the same size as the originals 
Material: resin with plaster patina

These reproductions are accompanied by a history of the work.

The symbol and description "Reproduction - musée Rodin" guarantee the authenticity of the sculpture reproduction.

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