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Auguste Rodin Sculpture reproduction

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Auguste Rodin (1840-1917)

This small figurine, huddled up on itself and ready to leap up in a burst of energy, represents the dancer and choreographer Vaslav Nijinsky (1889-1950).  Rodin was very interested in the different forms of contemporary dance, as practised, for example, by Loïe Fuller, Isadora Duncan, Nijinsky, or other performers of the French Cancan, as well as in Cambodian dancers. He found in this ephemeral art an opportunity to capture and fix the most fleeting movement.

Rodin probably made this small sketch in July 1912, recalling the words of Rilke: "Imagine, someone who would have attracted and gathered all his weight into his heart and leaning on this centre, would rise up to spread himself in movements, no, who would immediately  take them back from everywhere."

Edited by: musée Rodin
Dimensions of Nijinsky: H. 17.5 ; W. 9.9 ; D. 6.5 cm
(Inches: H. 6 in ; W. 3 in ; D. 2 in). Weight: about 1 kilo.
Cast in the same size as the originals 
Material: resin with bronze patina

 These reproductions are accompanied by a history of the work.

The symbol and description "Reproduction - musée Rodin" guarantee the authenticity of the sculpture reproduction.

© Rodin Museum - Paris 

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