L'Art - Entretiens réunis par Paul Gsell

L'Art - Entretiens réunis par Paul Gsell

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Rodin Texts and researchs

Abundantly quoted, endlessly reprinted since its first publication in june 1911, and translated in over twenty-five countries worldwide, L'Art has become a must-read for anyone wishing to grasp in depth the nature of Rodin's reflections and understand his sensitive approach to matter.

This new edition is the first opportunity to examine the history of this publication, focusing as much on the materiality of the original edition as on its context of emergence and reception. Several essays shed light on hitherto little-known aspects, such as the nature of the relationship between Rodin and Gsell, the sculptor's actual involvement in the elaboration of the text or the choice of iconography, and the critical reception of the work and its international trajectory through translation. 

Author: Véronique Mattiussi
Size: 21 x 15 cm
Number of pages: 240
Publication date: 2022
isbn 9782353770472