Camille Claudel with a Hat

Camille Claudel with a Hat

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Auguste Rodin (1840-1917)

Already, in 1885, Camille Claudel was working alongside Rodin ; as a pupil and assistant, she rapidly became the master's associate.

Musée Rodin has various examples in plaster (1884) and in glass paste (1911) of the portrait of Camille Claudel with a hat, incorrectly called "Camille Claudel in a Phrygian cap", produced at start of their stormy relationship which was to last some 15 years.

The hair is held by a scarf in the form of a hat, leaving all the attention to be captured by this bare face, each physical detail is taken in its own right before acquiring its plastic autonomy, like the large section which falls down over the right eye.

Cast in the same size as the originals

These reproductions are accompanied by a history of the work.

The symbol and description "Reproduction - musée Rodin" guarantee the authenticity of the sculpture reproduction.

Edited by: Musée Rodin
Dimension: H. 25 ; L. 15,1 ; P. 18,3 cm
Weight: about 4 kilos
Material: resin with plaster patina