The Hand of God

The Hand of God

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Auguste Rodin (1840-1917)

By modelling this bold work, Rodin broke away completely from all types of traditional compositions and adopted a form that appealed directly to the imagination. The hand powerfully moulding the matter from which the human being is created represents the divinity bringing forth humanity from emptiness. It is also a symbolic image of the artist inventing a world.

Auguste Rodin had a deep knowledge of the art of the Middle Ages and the Renaissance. It has been established that the origin of the Hand of God was a study for a hand used for two of the personages in The Burghers of Calais whose gestures express farewell and despair. This is a particularly interesting example of Rodin's gift for giving completely different meanings to works composed of common elements.

Cast in the same size as the originals 

These reproductions are accompanied by a history of the work.

The symbol and description "Reproduction - musée Rodin" guarantee the authenticity of the sculpture reproduction.

Edited by: Musée Rodin
Dimension: H. 17 ; W. 16 ; D. 16 cm
Weight: about 1.5 kilos.
Material: resin with bronze patina