The Thinker, Miniature

The Thinker, Miniature

Miniature reproductions
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This miniature is sold in special packaging, a wooden crate used to transport works of art.

The Thinker by Rodin is undoubtedly one of the crowning glories of Rodin's art.

The influence of Italian Renaissance sculpture, particularly that of Michelangelo, is obvious in this figure which also owes something to certain 19th century masterpieces such as Ugolin by Carpeaux, of which Auguste Rodin owned a copy. The statue's powerful anatomy reflects such an intense inner concentration that the work has become a universal symbol of human thought.

The symbol and description "Reproduction - miniature - musée Rodin" guarantee the authenticity of the miniature.

Edited by: Musée Rodin
Dimension: H. 14 ; W. 7 ; D. 9 cm
Weight: about 1.20 kilos
Material: resin with bronze patina
Made in France