The Little Rodin

The Little Rodin

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Discover the life and work of Auguste Rodin, the father of modern sculpture

Come into the workshop of the famous sculptor. 

Look at his technique.

Clay, plaster, bronze or marble: which does he prefer? The material that gives him the most freedom.

Auguste Rodin creates modern sculpture!

Discover his secret! What does Rodin discover in Italy?

What is The Thinker dreaming about? Balzac looks very strange in his dressing gown...

Rodin is Monet's friend and admires Renoir and Van Gogh!

The artist surrounds himself with pieces of art.

Who is Camille Claudel?

What is Rodin's most famous sculpture? 

Coéditions musée Rodin / Kate'art éditions 

Edited by: Co-edited by Rodin Museum / Kate'art publishings
Author: Catherine de Duve
Size: 22 x 16,5cm
Number of pages: 32, color illustrations
Cover Softback
Language: French or English
Publication date: 2023
ISBN 9782875753274