Guide of Rodin museum

Guide of Rodin museum

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The Guide to the Rodin Museum offers a comprehensive overview of Auguste Rodin (1840-1917), including the history of his two museum sites (in Paris and Meudon) and their gardens. It also presents the museum's entire collection, the nature and scope of which, thanks to donations made by the artist to the French state in 1916, remain unique in the world.

After a richly illustrated tour of the rooms of the Hôtel Biron, as well as a description of the museum in Meudon, the visitor is invited to see and re-examine the artist's masterpieces in a different way: sculptures in marble (The Kiss, The Danaïde... ), bronze sculptures (The Gates of Hell, The Thinker, etc.) and plaster sculptures (Monument des Bourgeois de Calais, etc.), as well as drawings, engravings and paintings by the artist that are less well known to the public and often inaccessible to visitors for conservation reasons.

It also presents an emblematic selection of masterpieces and documents from Rodin's collections: sculptures (Camille Claudel, Bourdelle, etc.), paintings (Renoir, Van Gogh, etc.), photographs (Eugène Druet, Steichen, etc.), archaeological collections, letters and other rarely published archival material.

The book also includes maps of the various sites, practical information, an index and a bibliography.

Éditions du musée Rodin

Edited by: Musée Rodin
Author: Catherine Chevillot and Christine Lancestremère
Size: 17 x 23cm
Number of pages: 223
Cover Paperback
Language: French or English
Publication date: 2019
ISBN 9782353770397
EAN13 9782353770083