Rodin, son musée secret

Rodin, son musée secret

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Albin Michel x Musée Rodin

Unprecedented! Rodin's 121 hidden drawings

When Judith Cladel, Rodin's friend and biographer, was asked to inventory his considerable collection of 7,000 drawings after his death, she discovered a very special series, carefully preserved and hidden by the artist in a box marked "secret museum" in his own handwriting.

These 121 drawings and watercolors correspond to the most crude and sulphurous part of Rodin's graphic production, long hidden in the "hell" of his Meudon collections. They explore the fields of auto-eroticism and female homosexuality.

This previously unpublished corpus - whose absolute freedom and transgressive spirit lay the foundations for twentieth-century modernism - is presented in its entirety for the first time in this book.

Edited by: Co-edited by Musée Rodin / Albin Michel
Author: Nadine Lehni
Size: 19 x 24,25cm
Number of pages: 272
Cover Hardback
Language: French
Publication date: 2017
ISBN 9782226321572