Camille Claudel, la création comme espace de liberté

Camille Claudel, la création comme espace de liberté

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A jewel of the French artistic landscape, Camille Claudel embodied the cursed artist. 

After spending her childhooh fighting against her mother's authority, the young girl moved to Paris at the end of the 19th century to achieve her dream of becoming a sculptor. Buoyed by the artistic effervescence of the capital, she joined the Colarossi Academy and then Auguste Rodin's workshop, where she became his model and lover. But their relationship worsened and, despite her obvious genius and fierce spirit, Camille struggled to carve out a place for herself as a woman in the art world. Faced with failure, rejection and scandal, she isolated herself and slowly began to sink into a painful decline that would eventually lead her to the walls of a psychiatric asylum. 

A magnificent, well-documented biography that pays tribute to both the woman and the sculptor. 

Edited by: Seuil
Author: Monica Foggia and Martina Marzadori
Size: 24,5 x 17cm
Number of pages: 128
Cover Hardback
Language: French
Publication date: 2023
ISBN 9782021496420