Camille Claudel Label Pin

Camille Claudel Label Pin

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Titlee X Musée Rodin

Created by Titlee for the musée Rodin at the occasion of the centenary of the death of A. Rodin, this enameled gilt brass necklace is inspired by Camille Claudel, his student and lover.

Born in 1864, Camille Claudel is a complex figure, intimately linked to the story of Auguste Rodin, whose she was pupil and lover. Most of the work of the sculptress is crossed by the question of the relation to the other and her relation to Rodin. The originality of Camille Claudel lies in the autobiographical aspect of her work in which she addresses all the themes of life: childhood, old age, love... Often interpreted in a reductive way, the autobiographical aspect is not limited to the state of her relationship with Rodin, but is a process of sublimation of the events of her personal life.

Launched in 2009 by Séverine Balanqueux, Titlee offers beautiful, delicate and imaginative costume jewelry. Entirely handmade in France, Titlee jewelry comes to life in the hands of expert welders, enamelers, and gilders.

Dimension: width 1,8 cm
Material: Engraved brass gilded with fine gold 24 kt
Brand: Titlee
Made in Paris