Picasso - Rodin

Picasso - Rodin

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Exhibition catalogue, musée Auguste Rodin 2021

The confrontation of the two artists' creative process highlights the convergences that mark out their research, such as experimentation, serial work and the perpetual mutual of forms. Illustrated with more than 350 works, this catalogue allow us to discover many facets of these unexpected proximities.

Finishing a work?
Finishing a painting?
Pablo Picasso

And are the cathedrals finished?
Auguste Rodin

Exhibition "Picasso-Rodin" at the Musée national Picasso-Paris and at the musée Rodin from February 9 2021 to January 2 2022.

Editions Gallimard

Edited by: Co-edited by Musée Rodin / Musée national Picasso-Paris / Gallimard
Author: Collective
Size: 24 x 32,5 x 3,8cm
Number of pages: 430
Cover Hardback
Language: French
Publication date: 2021
ISBN 9782072927584