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Three Rodin's drawing reproductions, envelope n°14

Three Rodin's drawing reproductions, envelope n°14

Limited editions
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The Musée auguste Rodin publishes each year a series of three exceptional reproductions of drawings in a limited edition of 300 copies. Here's envelope number 13.
Printed in France, on Arches paper 250 gms. Each board is numbered on the back and dry stamped.
The set is presented in an elegant bound envelope.
Naked man standing, in profile to the right, arms outstretched, one leg raised, musée Rodin, D.583, 40x30 cm
Reclining woman, half-dressed, musée Rodin, D.4256, 40x30 cm
Capricorn, musée Rodin, D.5049, 40x30 cm
This new collection aims to offer a different perspective on the multiple search of the sculptor, and to discover little-known drawings by the public.
Edited by: Musée Rodin
Dimension: 40x30 cm
Material: Arches paper 250 gms.
Made in France