Camille Claudel, itinerary of a rebel

Camille Claudel, itinerary of a rebel

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Le Cavalier Bleu x Musée Rodin

Young rebel, artist, lover or madwoman, Camille Claudel crystallizes passions. This iconic and controversial figure never ceases to make headlines, and her story, from childhood to internment, is the subject of a growing body of literature by art historians, psychoanalysts, visual artists, sociologists, novelists and film-makers...

150 years after her birth, Camille Claudel is still the subject of controversy, commonplaces, and legend...

Through the combined eyes of an art historian and a psychologist, this book guides the reader beyond preconceived ideas in an attempt to better understand the complex trajectory of this singular artist.

Editions Le Cavalier bleu

Author: Véronique Mattiussi et Mireille Rosambert-Tissier
Size: 10,5 x 18 cm
Number of pages: 192
Language: French